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Friday, June 22, 2007

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the 2nd A.S.A.P exhibition, held at Bentara Budaya Yogayakarta on 5th - 12th May 2007. Showing our latest group works, aftersculpture, just another word that we combine without any space between became one word to explained what we try to show.
after the "metasculpture" then " aftersculpture" make another 'sentence' on our walk through.. curated by nano warsono, young lecturer at ISI sculpture studio, said that our work represent some freshness that basically have a similar process, method and point of view with other Indonesian senior sculptor...they just do it in asap way..the same point came out at the exhibition discussion, head of ISI Sculpture Studio and Head of API Yogyakarta, Anusapati; their sculpture wasn't against the oldest sculptor organization, as well their artworks stronger Indonesia sculpture growth.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Closing in the year of 2005 pintu Merah Studio in collaboration with A.S.A.P held a sculpture exhibition. “Metasculpture”, showed three dimensional artwork by young sculptor that live in Bandung City, Indonesia.

The words of “meta” just come up in the discussion during preparing the exhibition. A word that felt right to described a condition of sculpturing aura, a quite big changing of sculpture art world in Indonesia. Might be more than a decade or longer.

To my self, these three artist art work, that prefer to called as sculptor, showing a little big differences. The choices of material and theme of the work is absolutely different from their sculptor generation before.

Although their still using the same method to understanding about the material, form and space, as generally as older sculptor. This three sculptor more free to choose the themes, materials and technique to use. To make a sculpture that truly different from the generally one that we known, to set their self free from a dogmatic “habits” of Indonesia sculpscene. I’m called it a dogmatist one because a generally sculptor seems had a difficulty to release their soul from theme, form and the material their choose nor the exploration technique legacy that already given to since pre-history ages. Even in some number sculpture exhibition (large or small scale) that had been held in Indonesia, sculpture always involved into temple, stupa or fretwork; some connected to monument and martial sculpture; and some other to omission western sculpture.

In a different phrases, sculptor automatically concern to empu (called for a master of keris; traditional sword of Java island), partisan, room decorator, materials and others object that had a special ability or some searching adventure for the truly true form. Complete with all the thing that surrounding it. Including the unfinished “peregrination” search of truth ness. . something that really hard to accept in this term of art outgrowth. The time when art become industrial and artist become a profession as other. To step on into gradually career that offer a lot of materialism.

In thee here sculptor, as other generation artist before, I found a certain things that very attractive and different from a common art work generation before. There’s no heroism, agony, martial, or other communal value or even revolutionary. It’s just a common thing. Very daily things, easy, straight to the problems, a little bit subjective, nevertheless still containing philosophies although un exclaimed. Art became an exceeding different although it’s not necessary to call new.

That’s why “meta” felt described the exhibition, because although almost resemble, meta wasn’t past furthermore new. “Meta” is a prefix. “Meta” is the other one.

Gusbarlian Lubis

Exhibition Producer

asap is..

ASAP, an independent three dimensional artists community, established in late 2005 with our first exhibition called METASCULPTURE held in Pintu Merah Studio, Sanggar Luhur Gallery, Bandung Indonesia. Shown our sophisticated work both form and material exploration, representing personal thoughts of every artist.
Expandable sculpture became most influence for each work, not to against other works that shown before or resist to something, it was offering what should have shown this time and it’s about the time to write it down on Indonesian art history.
Sculpture become thin red line in every work that grow from this community, without arguing various materials and technics on it. Material could be the most important things or not, and so does the technics and displaying system. People that involved in this community are creasing and decreasing as well as the needs, joining with a bit of thought, desire and the same feeling trough exploiting all the aspect of sculpture possibility, to become a truly artist.

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